The 2019 Men's World Championships was the game that changed how people viewed handball. It saw a record 900,000 spectators closely following the game and recorded a cumulative global television audience of 2 billion people. Since then, handball has grown by leaps and yards, with more people expressing a keen interest to learn more about it. As a result, punters who want to grow their betting portfolios have been leaning on this side. After all, here is a game that combines the best of ice hockey, soccer, and basketball in one match. Plus, it is pretty fast-paced, and over/under bettors can enjoy the adrenaline of placing such bets. Moreover, the quick changes in gameplay make it an ideal candidate for live betting.

Breaking down handball games

Handball borrows a lot from other games. A standard match features 7 players on each side, with one of the players acting as a goalkeeper. Each match comprises two periods, lasting half an hour each, with a 10-15 break between the sessions. Like soccer, a team wins a handball match by scoring more goals than its opponent. If the game ends in a draw, the teams proceed to overtime of five minutes. If they still end in a draw, a shootout, like a penalty game in soccer, ensues.

Handball betting guide

Can you bet on handball games?

Yes! Once you have figured out how the game works, you can now set your sights on making some money out of the game. It is quite simple! You no longer need to head down to the field and find a bookie willing to take your wager. Instead, you can choose a betting site online, register an account, deposit money, and place your wager. Most sites offer live streaming, and you can even catch all the action on your phone.

Of course, placing a wager comes down to your geographical location. Some sites will accept players from any country. However, others may restrict their services to countries where betting is legal. You may want to check the gambling status in your country before digging yourself into a hole. If everything checks out, bet away!

Which are the major handball matches?

You can start with the Olympic games held every four years. Alternatively, you can bet on the IHF world championship, which takes place every two years. Tons of domestic leagues and international club handball tournaments also exist. If you choose a bookie with a range in markets, you will not lack a chance to place a wager.

What handball betting markets exist?

Handball, being quite new in the betting industry, does not boast as many betting markets as other sports. However, that does not dim its shine in any way, and you can still find something to get you excited. The popular options include:

Handicap Bets

In handicap bets, you bet that a team will score goals equal to or more than the stated figure. For example, if teams A and B are playing and A has a handicap bet of -4.5, you can decide to back team A. For your bet to be fruitful, team A must win by at least 5 goals. If they win with 4 goals, you will lose even if the team emerged the winner in the end. It is a risky bet, but if you get it right, the rewards are quite high.

Prop Bets

Rather than focusing on the entire team, you can zero in on a field player. For example, you can bet that player 2 will make 7 assists in the match or even the entire tournament. Or you can even bet on the number of goals they will score. In addition, most bookies even include overtime and shootouts, which further increase the risks and payouts.

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Totals Bets

These bets, also known as under/over bets, focus on the number of points scored by both teams. Most games average between 20 to 35 goals on either side, which brings the totals to about 40 to 70. All you need to do is check the bookie’s assessment. For example, if their assessment is 45.5, you can bet the teams will score above or under this. Bookies avoid even numbers because these arise in a push and force them to refund money to players.

Match Bets

These bets are the simplest and enable you to bet based on three outcomes- a loss, a draw, and a win. For example, suppose you bet $100 that team A with odds of 1.50 will win, and this prediction is right, you win $150. It is easy to navigate such bets. Their payouts may not be the highest, but they are a good starting point.

When choosing a bookie, please pay attention to their quality of odds, market coverage, customer experience, deposit and withdrawal options and geographical restrictions. Also, secure yourself a deposit bonus to reduce the money spent on initial wagers.