Hungary is in the final!

2018 july 13.

The Netherlands defeated the French by six goals, while Denmark scored nine goals against Romania.

Women’s U20 World Championship 5-8th place:

5-8th place:
Netherlands-France 29-23 (17-13)
France seemed quite disappointed after lost the quarter-final. The Dutch started better, they had a 3-goal lead, but French could take the lead for a short time, but the halftime was again for the Netherlands. The French were unable to settle for the second half, the Dutch still dominated the game, and won the game.

Romania-Denmark 20-29 (11-13)
The whole match was dominated by Denmark. However, Romania equalized once in the first half, but a suspension set back them, so in the break, Norway had a two-goal advantage. After the turn, Denmark gradually increased the number of their scores, the opponent team did not face great resistance, so Denmark deserved to have an easy win and play tomorrow for the fifth place.

Russia-Norway 23-30 (12-14)
Although both teams started dynamic, with the fast goals scored in the first half, Russia took the lead and kept it till the middle of the first half. Then the Norwegian team caught up and turned the result. Thus, the northern team could break with a two-goal lead. At the beginning of the second halftime, the Scandinavian dynamism did not get stuck. With this victory, one of the participants of tomorrow's final is Norway.

Hungary-Korea Republic 30-25 (14-11)
The semi-final started in front of a full crowd. Korea took the led, but Hungary was creative in attack, then won a man-down situation to 2-0, when Korea call for a time-out (11-8). Kácsor was great in attack on the Hungarian side. Korea decreased the difference, but Lakatos scored at the final buzzle of the first half.
Hungary started even better in the second half, the Asians called an early time-out, the team of Noémi Háfra led by 23-19 turning the last fifteen minutes. Korea took more risk, but made mistakes and Hungary increased its advantage and won the semi-final confidently.

Golovin Vlagyimir: - We knew that a difficult match is waiting for us, as the Korean game is much more different from the European game. We tried to make our best. Although, we did not manage to do everything we planned, the audience chaised us into the success and the final.

Háfra Noémi: - We saw in social media and TV before the game that it will be a sold out match. I was counting on it and I was very happy with it, and it motivated the team. One day before the final, we are very tired, it's more in the brain that we need to refresh, so we're going to relax so that tomorrow we can play with a lot of energy. Despite of the fact, that we are playing together last time together, we were less able to deal with this, because we were thinking about Korean tactics about what to apply during the game. During the whole tournament, we have been building steadily and we are here at the end of the final.

Kácsor Gréta: - When our coach sent us to the court, he told me to shoot and pull back to the top. And it was working. He also added that defense is the key, as well as brave play. The most important thing against the Norwegians will be the will and not to stop even if we are in disadvantage. We have to go ahead. We cannot stop now, we have to win. We are very happy.

14. July, Saturday:
12:30 7-8th place: France-Romania
15:00 5-6th place: Netherlands-Denmark
17:30 bronze medal game
20:00 final