Hungary is in the semi-final!

2018 july 11.

Hungary's opponent will be the winner of the Denmark-Korea match on Friday at 20.00.

Women’s U20 World Championship
President’s Cup

21st place:
China-Paraguay 38-35 (19-19)
Joyful game and many goals brought the first half-time on the China-Paraguay match. On both sides many goals were scored, but none of them could take the lead. In the second half, China overcame its South American opponent and ended the tournament with a deserved victory.

19th place:
Chile–Angola 22-27 (9-13)
Chile started slowly, they had difficulties to reach the goal of the opponent team. Angola made many mistakes too, but they worked up possibilities easier and it was enough to take the lead with four goals in the break. The game did not change in the second half, both teams made mistakes. Due to the five-goal victory of the African team, they finished in the 19th place on the World Championship.

17th place:
Portugal-Spain 28–32 (13-14)
The fight of the Iberian teams brought balanced game in the first half. For the break, Spain hit a one-goal lead. In the middle of the second game, Spain increased their advantage, and the Portuguese were trying to go without the goalkeeper, but unsuccessfully. They only could get closer due to a serious Spanish injury, but after the end of the match, Spain returned back, so they could take the President’s Cup home.

Placement matches
15th place:
Slovenia-Montenegro 25-18 (11-8)
Both teams started sleepily, from which Slovenia woke up sooner. They were more accurate in attack and the won the match with seven goals, mainly thanks to their second half-time performance.

13th place:
Japan-Germany 22-23 (14-11)
Japan's agile play made it difficult for their opponent again. Germany did not find the catch on the Japanese for a long time, who played handball organized both front and back. With more goals, neither side could slip away, so the match remained tense for the last few minutes. Germany was better in the end and finished with a one-goal win.

11th place:
Brazil–Sweden 21-18 (12-10)
In the first half, the Brazilians played with a slight advantage, although Sweden equalized several times but they could not take the lead. Prior to the break, the Scandinavians were less concentrated, so they went on a two-goal disadvantage. In the second half, the South Americans held the match too, though Sweden equalized in the 55th minute, but they stopped and did not score more goals, so Brazil closed the match with a three-goal victory.

9th place:
Croatia-Iceland 36-23 (17-11)
The Croatian team started the match with a huge run, and after the first fifteen minutes they already led confidently. The game did not change in the second half too, Iceland who made many mistakes did not make it difficult for Croatia to play.

Hungary-Romania 31-26 (14-17)

Hungary started better and faster and led by four goals after the first fifteen minutes. Romania decreased the difference from man-up situations, while Hungary made mistakes in attack and Romania led by 3 goals in half-time. Hungary equalized and turn the game within a very short period of time at the beginning of the second half. Binó was great in the hosts’ goal, and the Romania got tired of the very fast Hungarian attacks. The last minutes started with a 6-goal advantage of Hungary and the organisers country’s team confidently qualified for the semi-final. In the semifinals on Friday at 20:00, our opponent will be the winner of the Denmark-South Korea match.

Golovin Vlagyimir head coach: - We played a tough match, we were obviously nervous, because the aim was to get to the best four and we were here at the gate. In the first half, we had a four-goal advantage and we missed more clear situations, we made technical mistakes and the result turned. After the break, we were able to equalize quickly and from there our heart passed us away. We are happy, I am proud of the team, and now it is good to have a day off before the semi-final.

Faluvégi Dorottya: - It was a very exciting match, I think everything has happened here what in handball can happen. There was stress, excitement, joy, sorrow, all at once, I think it was absolutely worthy of a fight for the semi-final. We celebrate a little bit, then concentrate on our potential opponents. Both are very special opponents. We know the Scandinavian handball, it is very fast and precise. South Korea represents a special game too.

Pásztor Noémi: - In the first half, things did not come together. Actually, we did not change anything for the second part of the game, we got the same instruction in the locker room, but we did it better. At the beginning we had a lot of balls sold. We came back from the locker room to see if we lost from minus three, then we did not get to the best four. But we sold it as a real team and now we are so happy. We watched at their previous games and saw that they did not go back well enough, they did not have a good return. And I think we are a very fast team. We can start a quick midfield, and our goalkeepers forward the ball fast, especially if they are defending. This helped the game.

Russia-Netherlands 28-26 (14-14)
Netherlands did not start well, but due to the early timeout, their game improved. In the middle of the halftime, the game was balanced and the teams could leave for 14-14 in the break, so the question of the qualification was still open. In the second halftime, the previous scheme continued, none of the teams could get more advantage. In the extremely close match, Russia finally got to the semi-finals.

Norway-France 27-26 (11-13, 24-24)
French team started the match faster, in the first half of the game, their game was more dominant. Although the Norwegian team has climbed up with a goal several times, but was only able to equalize in the 25th minute for the first time. The French team had a two-goal advantage for the break. In the second half, the game did not change until the end of the game, when the Scandinavian team came up. This resulted in a 24-24 draw in regular playing time. After the first five minutes it was equal again, but Norway got the winner score in the last minute of the overtime. So in the semifinals starting at 17:30 on Friday, Norway will be the opponent of the Russians.

Korea-Denmark 24-16 (11-7)
Korea started better, they hit a six-goal led in the middle of the first half against Denmark. Denmark did not find the remedy either in defense or attack against Korea who made a fantastic performance. In the second half, the gap between the two teams grew further, so the title defender said good-bye, and Korea got into the semi-finals.