Favorites won eight-finals

2018 july 10.

President’s Cup started on Tuesday.

President’s Cup:
21-23th place:
Paraguay-Egypt 31-23 (13-12)
Paraguay and Egypt played a tight first half at the beginning of the President’s Cup. A South Americans dominated, but the Africans did their best in the first thirty minutes. Paraguay overplayed its opponent in the second half and their victory was well-deserved. Egypt became 23rd at the world championship, while Paraguay will play against China for the 21st position on Wednesday. 

17-20th place: 
Portugal-Chile 28-22 (13-11)
The first half was well-balanced, Chile led in the first half but Portugal turned the score before half-time. Portugal dominated, Chile got tired. The Europeans increased their advantage and won by yix goals.

Angola-Spain 31-32 (12-13, 27-27) – on penalties
Angola played a very disciplined and dominated over Spain during most of the time of the match. The African team led until the last minute but Spain equalised in the last seconds and the match went on penalties. Spain focused better and won in the shoot-out.  

Russia-Brazil 32-20 (16-10)
The match was balanced until 4-4, then Russia dominated and had a 6-goal lead for the half-time. The European team was better and stronger in the second 30 minutes and won by 12 goals. 

Romania-Croatia 28-25 (18-12)
Croatia was not focused enough in the first half, Romania took the lead and had a 6-goal advantage after 30 minutes. Croatia got back for the second half-time, thanks tot he great goalkeeping of Besen. The Croats’ energy vanished for the last minutes and Romania qualified for the quarter-final.

Hungary-Slovenia 31-17 (12-10)
Slovenia scored the firts two goals at the match, then Hungary equalised, but the host team’s defese was not disciplined enough and Hungary could take the lead only by the end of the first half. Kácsor scored at the last second from a free throw (12-10). 
The second half began with the goals of Háfra, then Márton was successful from fast breaks (the left wing scored 18 goals at the tournament out of 18 shots!). Hungary increased its lead over ten goals and qualified for the quarter-final without doubt. 

Sweden-Netherlands 22-30 (12-14)
The Netherlands led in the balanced first half, however, Sweden tried to hold the score equal. The Dutch team focused better in the second half and qualified among the best eight easily at the end. 

Iceland-Norway 30-35 (15-15)
Iceland began better at the Nordic foght, took the lead but could not hold it until the end of the first half. Norway focused better after the 40th minute and won the game as favourites. 

Montenegro-Korea republic 23-28 (11-16)
Montenegro led in the first minutes, but Korea took the lead and had a 5-goal advantage in half-time. The European team got closer, but could not equalise. The Koreans played very impulsive, and were not broken by a red card and won by 5 goals. 

France-Japan 29-25 (14-13)
The French team wanted to decide to game as soon as possible and led by 4 goals, but Japan equalised. The Asians concentrated well until the last fifteen minutes but France was focused better at the end and had a clear victory. 

Denmark-Germany 25-24 (9-12)
Denmark started a very impusive match, buta t the end of the first half team were head-to-head agaim. Germany led at the beginning of the second half, but Denmark concentrated better in money time and qualified for the quarter-final.