Hungary, Russia, Denmark and France in the eight-finals with 100% performance

2018 july 08.

The 5th, last round was played on Sunday in all groups in Debrecen.

Women’s U20 World Championship, round 5:
Group A:

Hungary-Norway 35-27 (20-13)
The host team and Norway played in front of more than 3000 thousand spectators. The match was visited by Dr. Hassan Moustafa, president of the International Handball Federation. Hungary took the lead by the goals of Noémi Háfra and the great saves of Sára Suba. Hungary played very good in attack and had a seven goal-lead after 30 minutes. 
Norway was very powerful at the beginning of the second half, but Hungary maintain the difference by pivot-goals. At the home team’s side, Katrin Klujber scored goals from all penalties, while Suba stayed above 50 percent in the goals. At the end, Hungary won by 8 goals, won Group A and plays against Slovenia in the eight-finals, while Norway meets with Iceland. 

Golovin Vlagyimir head coach, Hungary: - For sixty minutes we could play what we planned. Although we were a bit tired in the second half, we wanted to slow down the Norwegians but we slowed down ourselves. But the advantage that we managed to achieve in the first half, we could keep it till the end. When the game was a bit bumpy, there came one-one player who finished our attacks well. We did not calculate regarding the eight-finals, we watch and then analyze the Slovenian game, and we are preparing for it, and on Tuesday we go to the eight-finals.

Suba Sára: - At the beginning of the match we managed to pick up the rhythm. Our defense was very stable, so we were able to get on in the attacks as well. The audience had a great impact on our game, and practically pushed us into victory.

Háfra Noémi: - We expected a very difficult game, we thought we were playing a decisive match with Norway, but it was a pleasure game in the end. We enjoyed the whole match. We have been corrected our mistakes. We are preparing for the match against Slovenia tomorrow, which will not be an easy game. Thanks to the audience for the support, we did not think that so many fans came here to see us today.

Montenegro-Brazil 16-20 (8-13)
Brazil played for getting to the eight-finals against Montenegro in the closing of the Group A. The South Americans were always in the lead and led by 5 goals to the end of the first half. The game did not change in the second half, while Brazil was doing as much as it needed until Montenegro could not get closer, so eventually Brazil won with 20-16 against Montenegro. Brazil is 3rd, while Montenegro finished 4th in their group, so they are in the eighth-finals.

Group B:
Chile-Iceland 22-23 (11-11)
Chile started better, they led several times with two goals, mainly thanks to their goalkeeper. At the end of the first half, however, Iceland managed to reduce the gap. In the first half of the second halftime, Chile led several times with three goals, but the northerners fought strong and change the result and took the 2 points. Iceland finished in the third position, so they continue in the eighth finals, while Chile took the fifth position, thus they play in the President’s Cup.

Slovenia - China 33-24 (17-9)
The Slovenians have steadily increased their advantage since the beginning of the game, all the elements of the game they grew over their opponents and they had an eight-goal advantage in the break. At the beginning of the second half, the game did not change, the Europeans made even bigger difference and deserved to be in the eighth finals as being the fourth in their group. The Chinese closed the group without a point, so they continue in the President’s Cup.

Russia-Korea Republic 27-15 (14-10)
The Koreans started the match with a 3-0 run-up then the Russians scored 8 goals in a row. The Asians could not react to this, so the Europeans could take a break with a 4-goal advantage. In the second half, Russia has increased their advantage and has not given any chance to the opponent. Russia has won group B thanks to their confident victory, but Korea has also been among the top 16 in the group, as taking the second position in the group.

Group C:
Japan-Paraguay (19-13)
The first half started with missed situations, mistakes and hurry. In the big rush, the Paraguayans first found their opponent's goal. Ten minutes later, however, the much faster Japan led with five goals, and even in the 26th minutes they hit a ten-goal lead. Paraguay managed to reduce the gap before half-time. In the second half, Japan continued to increase their advantage and by winning the game with 16 goals, they assured of their place in the eighth-finals as being third in their group, while Paraguay closed the group with zero points, so they could continue in the President’s Cup.

Romania-Angola 26-22 (12-9)
Both teams started the match with great impulse. Confident attacks and great defenses were seen in the head-to-head game. However, in the 25th minute, Romania managed to get away with a 3-goal lead. In the second half the match remained close too until Angola started to make more mistakes. As a result, the Romanians increased their advantage and eventually won 26 to 22. Romania became the third in the group and continues in the best sixteen, and Angola continues in the President’s Cup.

Denmark-Netherlands 25-24 (14-15)
At the start of the match, Denmark got the advantage, they led with two goals for a long time against the Netherlands, who equalized with a confident game in the 20th minutes. Then they turned and won the first half with one goal. The Dutch kept their advantage till 52th minutes, but then Denmark got into man-up situation, they equalized, turned and finally won 25-24. Denmark continues in the best sixteen as a group winner, while the Netherlands finished in the second position in the group.

Group D:
Egypt-Sweden 12-33 (5-17)
Swedish fans did not have to worry much, as their team decided the outcome of the game after ten minutes. Egypt could not seriously threaten the Swedish goal in none of the half-times. Sweden played ‘halfway’ but won the game with a huge victory in their final group play and were assured of their place in the eighth-finals, as they finished in the third position, while Egypt continued to play in the President’s Cup.

Spain-Croatia 21-16 (11-7)
Croatia started to play sleepily, which was used by Spain. By the middle of the halftime, Spain have already led with five goals, and the Croatians only ran after the result. After the turn, neither the Croatians had a thrilling force, so the more organized Spain ended the game with a deserved victory and finished in the fifth position of their group, so they continue in the Presidential Cup, while Croatia finished second in the group and can go on in the eight finals.

France-Germany 26-24 (13-11)
The match started in good pace and level, the teams were head-to-head in the first half, and neither side was able to get away from the other. In the second part of the game, the French made better use of their actions so they hit a two-goal advantage, which they were able to hold until the end of the match and got among the top 16. Germany finished fourth in their group and continue in the eight-finals.

Group standings

Eight-finals program, 10. July, Tuesday:
14:00 Russia-Brazil (Főnix Hall)
16:15 Sweden-Netherlands (Hódos Hall)
18:30 Iceland-Norway (Főnix Hall)
20:45 France-Japan (Főnix Hall)
14:00 Romania-Croatia (Hódos Hall)
16:15 Hungary-Slovenia (Főnix Hall)
18:30 Montenegro-Korea republic (Hódos Hall)
20:45 Denmark-Germany (Hódos Hall)

President’s Cup:
For 17-20th place: 
11:45 Portugal-Chile (Főnix Hall)
11:45 Angola-Spain (Hódos Hall)
For 21-23th place: 
9:30 Paraguay-Egypt (Hódos Hall)
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