Hungary with third victory

2018 july 07.

The 4th round was played on Saturday in Group A and C in Debrecen. 

Women’s U20 World Championship, round 4: 
Group A:

Montenegro-Hungary 17-27 (7-13)
Hungary had a good start with the goals of Háfra, but Montenegro equalised by the end of the first fifteen minutes. The host team was successful from fast breaks and pivot. Hungary increased its advantage and led by 6 goals in half-time. 
Hungary was disciplined and played strong in the second half. Kuti and Fodor came in to the wing positions, and the hosts’ advantage became 10 goals after 45 minutes, which lasted until the end. Hungary stands with 6 points after three matches and waiting for the group final against Norway on Sunday.

Golovin Vlagyimir head coach: - Everything we planned succeeded and worked from the first minute. I'm delighted that we could serve this enthusiastic audience.

Márton Gréta: - We played a very good match and I can say that this was our best game so far. I think we managed to achieve what the head coach asked for and we had a good defensive game and we could score from fast breaks. Our goalkeepers performed pretty well and thus we could defend much easier. The secret of success against Norway could be that we will play enthusiastically and play the same way we played in this match. In any case, our focus will be on defense and fast breaks, because the Norwegians are very fast.

Lakatos Rita: - I am so happy to won today. We knew it would be a tough match, and we were very much prepared for it. I am glad we fought for the last moment. It was a fantastic feeling to play before so many fans. We thought only on the opening match there would be many fans, but they were so great today as well and it is wonderful. Now we are a bit tired, because this was our third match, but it is a world championship, we have to go on.

Norway-Portugal 34-22 (15-10)
It was a difficult start for both teams. Norway started better, and in the 4th minute they already had a three-goal lead. The Portuguese were able to equalize in the 12th minute but could not take the lead. After the last second goal in Norway, they ended the first half with 15-10. After the break, the difference came quickly to ten goals, which lasted for long minutes. Portugal played a bit tired, which was used by the opponent team. Finally, Norway won the game with a 34-22 victory and remained unbeaten.

Group C:
Netherlands-Japan 34-34 (14-17)
The unbeaten Dutch squad was surprised by the Japan resistance, the distinct styles caused an unexpected result. Massive European moves were faced with the quick Asian actions. Japan had three-goal-lead in the first half. In the last few seconds, both teams scored, Japan got 1 point well-deserved from the Netherlands.

Romania-Denmark 23-42 (8-20)
In the first few minutes, Denmark got the lead, which could be increased by the end of the first half. Romania performed not the usual way, which was not left unpunished by Denmark. The game did not change in the second half and the Danish won with a confident game.

Paraguay - Angola 27-31 (14-18)
During the match of the unbeaten teams in Group C, Angola began better, they hit a five-goal lead in the half of the first half. Paraguay did not let themselves, but he tried to get closer by fast attacks, but there cam answers on the thrown goals. With a shot scored in the last second of the first half, they managed to reduce the difference to four. In the first ten minutes of the second half, only five goals were scored, four of them in the same goal, so Paraguay re-opened the battle for a while (18-19), but five minutes before the end, they had a five-goal disadvantage again. From that time, they could not get up again, Spain took the advantage of their agile play. At the moment of the end, the four-goal difference meant that Angola had acquired their first group victory.

Group standings