Favourites won again, Croatia with valuable victory

2018 july 06.

The fourth round of the group phase was played in Group B and D on Friday. 

Women’s U20 World Championship, round 4: 
Group B:

Korea republic-Chile 34-21 (16-10)
At the first 15 minutes, it seemed to be an equal fight, but then the Korean goalkeeper’s outstanding performance led to a constant 5 or more goals in the Chilean follow-up. After losing a goalie in each halfs, the Asians placed more emphasis on the attack; leaving no mercy for the South-Americans. 

Slovenia-Russia 24-27 (10-11)
The first half was very impulsive and even, but Russia had a one goal advantage for half-time then increased its speed and won the game against the Slovenians who fighted well.

Iceland-China 35-20 (18-9)
It was a head-to-head match in the firts fifteen minutes, then Iceland became more effective. The Chinese goalkeeper had good minutes in the second half, but Iceland dominated and won easily, secured its place in the eight-finals. 

Group D:
Germany-Egypt 51-19 (26-7)
Egypt had very few helathy players for this match and Germany dominated from the very first minute. Germany won by more than 30 goals in a very unequal match. 

Spain-France 25-28 (15-17)
The unbeaten France was surprised by the powerful Spaniards in the first half, but the European champions led by two goals after 30 minutes. The French maintained the distance and were powerful in the last minutes and won against the disciplined Spanish team. 

Sweden-Croatia 18-22 (12-13)
The teams started the game at high speed, but after the good first minutes of Sweden, Croatia dominated and turned the score for half-time. The Croatians were good at attacks in the second half and deserved the victory. Croatia qualified for the eight-finals.  

Group standings