France closer to the group-victory

2018 july 05.

On Thursday, in the 3rd round of the preliminary rounds, France opened with a victory against Sweden, while Germany beat Spain in Group D. Russia and Korea won in Group B. 

Group A:
Norway-Montenegro 31-20 (15-10) 
Montenegro had a harsh start, but Norway took the lead and maintained it during the first half. The Scandinavians scored their goals by great figures and the Montenegrin team tried to get closer but Norway easily secured its second victory. 

Brazil-Portugal 15-16 (11-12)
It was a huge pleasure to see that kind of balanced and exciting game. Both teams performed enthusiastic and eye-catching moves while tried to outplay the opponent. Intense defence and massive goals shaped the fight. At the end, the Portugals could be happy. 

Group B:
Russia-Iceland 32-14 (15-6)
Iceland was uneffective in the first half, though Russia played well before half-time with its fast handball and led to 10-2 after fifteen minutes and a 9-goal advantage after 30 minutes. The second hald was more balanced but Russia won very easily at the end. 

Korea Republic-Slovenia 24-21 (15-11) 
Korea took the lead with 2-0, then the teams played very fast handball, the Asians led by four goals in half-time. The Slovenian goalkeeping was very strong in the second half, while the Koreans played very good, mainly with their legs and won by three goals.  

China-Chile 23-27 (17-12)
Both teams played very fast, with spectacular halfs, great goalkeeping and many penalties. Chile scored empty net goals and won by 4 goals at the end. 

Group C:
Denmark-Paraguay 37-23 (19-11)
Denmark had a strong start, dominated from the first minutes. Paraguay did not find the key to break the disciplined defence of the Scandinavians and had at learst four goals disadvantage during most of the first half. The Danish took the match seriously until the end and the title holder easily won its third match. 

Netherlands-Romania 29-27 (12-14)
The match began in a dynamic pace, the teams had a very disciplined defence. Romania led after the first half by two goals. The second half was very exciting and tensed, mainly in money time, when the Netherlands focused better and won by two goals.

Angola-Japan 25-29 (12-17)
Japan ha a better start, but Angola stepped just right behind its oppenent with its play full of enthusiasm. However, the African team made many mistakes at the beginning of the second half, while Japan scored goals of its opportunities and deserved the victory. 

Group D:
France-Sweden 19-15 (6-5)
Both teams played to keep its unbeaten record. The goalkeepers’ had a good start, only two goals were scored in the first fifteen minutes. After half-time, the attacks of the team were better, but in the money time, France was much better and stayed at the top of Group D. 

Germany-Spain 27-21 (13-12)
The German team got into the match after three conceded goals, but turned the score for the half-time. Their impulse stayed on the same level after the break, the Germans were even more effective against the tough Spanish defence and got its first victory against the Spaniards.   

Croatia-Egypt 30-19 (11-12)
The Egyptian team had a very good start, in spite of its injures, with an excellent goalkeeping. Croatia strengthen its defence in the second half, while the tired Egypt team tried to hold the result, but failed to avoid another loss and had another serious injury.  

Group standings