Hungary, Romania and Denmark with easy wins

2018 july 04.

Women’s U20 Handball World Championship, round 2:
Group A

Brazil-Norway 20–25 (8-13)
The Norwegian team played the match with a very fast handball, with many fastbreaks and had a comfortable lead of 9-2. After that, the Brazilians’ defense became stricter and their attacks more disciplined and made to 8-10. By the end of the first half, the Scandinavians improve their advantage for five goals. The Norwegians hold their lead in the second half and won by five goals. 

Portugal-Hungary (11-13)
Hungary had a good start (4-1), but after that, the host team became deconcentrated and Katrin Klujber got a red card after throwing the Portuguese goalkeeper in the head at a penalty. After the close score after the first half, Hungary became more concentrated and with the goals of Noémi Háfra, built a comfortable lead for the 45th minute (25-16). The end of the game was a Hungarian goal-festival, the crowd was grateful as the team won by 13 goals. 

Golovin Vlagyimir, Hungarian head coach: - I told the girls in the half-time that everything is good what we do, but we have to focus and concentrate better. We continue our handball but with less mistake and luckyly it was efficient. We will miss the cancelled match against the Ivory Coast, I feel we need more before the matches of the week-end, so prepare with training among each other for our next games. 

Háfra Noémi, Hungary: - We set outselves free at the end, we played a good second half. It was fantastic that so many people cheered for us today, I hope there will be even more fans at the forecoming matches.  

Tóvizi Petra: - It's unbelievable that so many people are here at our matches. They support us, maybe it also helped us today to win easily by the end after the struggle of the first half.

Group standings

Group C
Paraguay-Romania 25-41 (13-16)
The match started with good defense, buta t the end, 66 goals were scored by the teams. Romania led by 3 goals after the first half with many seven-meters goal. Paraguay had fast breaks in the first half, but got tired after half-time and the European team increased its advantage. Romania won by 16 goals at the end. 

Japan-Denmark 23-33 (9-17)
The difference was quite big for the half time, since Denmark punished the missed Japanese opportunities against 7 to 6 and scored many empty net goals. The match was tough but fair and the Scandinavians won by ten goals. 

Angola-Netherlands 21-37 (10-19)
Netherlands took the lead as favourites in the beginning and led by nine goals at half-time. The Dutch team safe its energy after the break, but comfortably won by 16 goals. 

Group standings