Handball festival in Heroes’ Square: Women’s Junior World Championship debuted

2018 may 25.

It was not an everyday experience for the visitors, the organizers made an unusual handball festival. A handball arena and two beachhandball court were built on the square and there were plenty of entertainment opportunities for handball fans during the day. Anyone could experience what a beachhandball player to be or how to shoot an empty goal, thanks to handball skill games. The braves could fight with the robokeeper, "Suba Sára" was in the goal, with almost a hundred percent performance, no, not that Suba who is preparing for the summer junior world championship was in the goal all day, but her perfect copy. No matter how fast you shot and how well you aimed, “Suba Sára” saved almost every shot. Handball players could fight in a perfect sunny weather on this special sport day, only a refreshing shower came in the afternoon.

At this weekend of May, everything was around handball, during the afternoon you could cheer for the women’s junior national team in the junior FINAL4. The junior tournament was organized for the second time, the participants were the teams of Hungary - preparing for the Hungarian junior world championship - Russia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The semi-finals were organized at the Elek Gyula Arena, there was no doubt about the Hungarian victory against Slovenia. Hungary scored a confident, ten-goal victory, so they played in the final on Saturday at Papp László Budapest Sportarena. In the final, our opponent was Russia, and Hungary had a great advantage already in the first halftime and finally they won the trophy with a six-goal victory.


Result of the women's junior FINAL4:

1. Hungary

2. Russia

3. Slovenia

4. Montenegro