Second day ended with the victory of Iceland and Sweden

2018 july 03.

In Group B round 2 opened with China against Republic of Korea, the two top-ranked teams at the 2017 Asian Women’s Junior Championship, Russia got their second victory in the world championship in Hungary, Iceland met with Slovenia on the 2nd day of the tournament. Group D opened on Tuesday with Croatia’s one-goal-win against Germany, then France beat Egypt with 19 goals, and Iceland collected the points from Slovenia.

Group B:
CHINA-KOREA 29-38 (10-19)
Korea got into the flow at the beginning of the game and made an easy advantage at the start. China has started to attack better from the 10th minutes but they could not get closer to Korea to the break. Both teams played an extremely fast game and focused on attacking rather than defending. Korea managed to get out of this better, with a clear nine-goal win.

CHILE-RUSSIA 19-32 (12-17)
Chile was able to keep the speed of Russia for a long time, but the Europeans changed the gear so they hit a five-goal lead to the break. The second half was dominated by the Russians. They fixed their defense too, they let 7 goals to their opponents and their attack was working well. With 13-goal win, the European team collected the two points.

ISLAND-SLOVENIA 24-22 (14-11)
Slovenia started better but after a while they made mistakes at the end of the attacks, Iceland took advantage of their fast breaks and mad a three-goal advantage for the first half. This difference remained in the second half too, Slovenia could not take the lead. In a close match, Iceland finished with a two-goal win.

Group D:
CROATIA-GERMANY 25-24 (16-14)
On a really close match, teams headed neck and neck during the whole match. There was some concentration problem on Germans side from the 45th minutes which resulted in a five-goal lead for Croatia. Only four goals were managed to reduce, so Croatia cheered for the win.

EGYPT-FRANCE 18-37 (9-16)
France remained in the locker room at the start of the match, the players started to spin up late. From the 20th minutes, only one goal was scored by Egypt, and France used their opportunities, the teams turned to a large difference. In the second part of the game, Egypt was completely disintegrated, in this, a major role was played by the loss of 4 teammates during the game. The match finished in a 19-goal-win of France.

SWEDEN-SPAIN 31-24 (18-11)
After the yesterday’s one-goal-win of Sweden, today they did not leave the game to chance. By the halftime, they hit a seven-goal advantage, which was due to their excellent defense. Spain tried to equalize with great force, but they made many mistakes. At the end of the game, the Swedes returned again, so they closed the day with confident success.