Title holders open with a victory

2018 july 02.

Debrecen welcomed the 21st IHF Women’s Junior (U20) World Championship today with all six teams in Group C opening their campaigns in Debrecen. Group B opens with a decisive victory for the Russian, Montenegro became the second team in the group to earn a victory when they defeated Portugal and Group D opens with the Croatian team’s victory.

Group A:
Many attacks, but false endings characterized the first half. In the first 5 minutes, Montenegro did not find the rhythm at all, but after all, they had the advantage till the brake. In the second half, both teams played very aggressively, Montenegro came out better and won the match by 7 goals.

Group B:
RUSSIA-CHINA 35-16 (15-3)
The biggest excitement was on the match how the referees can communicate with the teams, because they encountered linguistic problems in several disputed situations. Russia quickly informed the Chinese of their victory intent, their power was immediately evident, in the first half they only got 3 goals. The second half has brought more Chinese scores, but they did not endanger the victory of the Russians.

Korea was able to shock Iceland after a slow start, and it was an extra confidence for Korea when their goalkeeper scored too. The initial difficulties have improved to the break on the north side, but Korea did not give up easily, they hit a four-goal lead. In the second half Iceland slowly decreased the gap, in the 40th minutes they equalized, from that point it was a level match through to the final whistle, and as the game finished in a draw, the teams split the points.

SLOVENIA-HILE 33-20 (16-8)
Till the 10th minute a huge rush chaCracterized the game on both sides, they started to calm down at 7-4 result. Chile fought hard throughout the game, before the break, the European team was able to collect a solid advantage and they could kept it till the end of the match. A confident start from Slovenia.

Group C:
DENMARK-ANGOLA 25-20 (14-10)
Denmark dominated the match immediately after the start. In the middle of the first half, the Nigerians started to attack without a goalkeeper, which made Angola the breakthrough, from 10-3 they came up to 10-8. Angola improved in the achievement in the second half, they had many possibilities to equalize, but they did not succeed. By the end of the match, Africans got tired, and the Scandinavians won by 5 goals.

Netherlands did not take it easy against Paraguay, the Dutch had the advantage during the whole match, not only in the number of goals but also in height and physically over their opponents. Right in the 15th minute the difference was 10 goals for the Dutch. Thanks to the great individual action Paraguay managed to reduce the goal difference, but Europeans made the end of the half-time better again. The second-half time did not bring a change, the victory of the Dutch was not at stake, and they extended their lead to 22 goals by the end of the match down to two players thanks to two two-minute suspensions.

ROMANIA-JAPAN 32-30 (15-17)
The first 10 minutes were about the Romanians' goalkeeper, who helped her team by a strong performance. Japan’s coach called a time out after his side were 8-2 down and shortly after his team equalized in the 23th minutes and took the lead. By the middle of the second half, the Japanese were very confident and had the advantage, but here they stopped. In the 51st minutes Romania equalized (27-27) and finally won the match with 2 goals.

Group D:
FRANCE-CROATIA 19-16 (7-7)
From the beginning, you could feel that two extremely massive, accustomed teams fight. Croatia started better, but France stood up to the break, so they finished the first half with a draw. Great goalkeeper performance made it difficult for both sides to score goals, so the match was well-balanced. In the end, Croatia made more mistakes, and the French were able to win with 3 goals 

GERMANY-SWEDEN 18-19 (10-12)
Both teams had a waving performance from the start of the game. Sweden took the lead and keep the advantage, but later both teams took their turn holding the advantage in the first half, but neither could create a lead of more than a few goals. There was a tough defense on both sides, which in the second half was accompanied by incredible goalkeepers’ performances, so in this half, even fewer goals were scored than in the first half. The Germans failed to score over time, Sweden won by one goal in a close match.

​​​​​​​SPAIN-EGYPT 39-20 (18-7)
In the 5th minute, surprisingly the result was 3-3, but from this time Egypt had not many situations, Spanish goalkeeper did not have much to do to the brake, they got only 4 goals. The European side powered ahead with their attack and defense. Spain did not miss the second half, they did not stopped till 39 goals. Less defenses were placed on defending by Spain, so the Africans also had a good number of scoring, the end was 19 goals for Spain.