Hungary beat Brazil in the opening match

2018 july 01.

Women's U20 World Championship, Group A, round 1:
HUNGARY-BRAZIL 27-24 (16-14)
Match report

Hungary led by two goals in half-time, but finally won by three goals. The best scorer of the match was Katrin Klujber of Hungary with 8 goals. 

Golovin Vlagyimir, Hungary’s coach: - I'm happy for the victory, but we made many mistakes on the court. The Brazilians have slowed us so much, we have a lot of situations missed, and this disturbed us. Congratulations to the Brazilians, I know they arrived very late yesterday. We will analyze the today's match, and we try to correct the mistakes. I'm sorry that we could not serve the audience with the game we showed.

Gabriela Clausson Bitolo: - I hope that this game will take us forward. We were very tired and this was a big part of our game. I hope that we will win in the next match and show what we know.